The concept of "MAG7" is "fusion of Shigeki". 
 An event space that doubles as an eat-in space is located in the center of the floor where seven restaurants line up. 
 By gathering "shigeki elements" such as food, art, and music on one floor, it is a space where you can spend a new sensation that is neither a hall nor a club. 
 It is a floor where you can enjoy meeting with people while enjoying food and alcohol.
"Time is the era of SAMURAI. It is a samurai bar where you can enjoy selected sake and domestic whiskey while being surrounded by SAMURAI contents (armor and swords) that are particular about" genuine ". A drink while experiencing the real traditional culture of Japan. Please enjoy sake with the history of samurai, armor and sword, and spend the best time. The samurai staff will serve you with "OMOTENASHI in Japan". "
We will deliver traditional additive-free tapioca from our own factory in Taiwan with no additives. The more you chew, the more the scent and flavor will spread to your mouth, and the healthier and happier you will be with our pearls and natural general nutrition, raw sugar produced in-house.
FATBURGER is popular for its juicy and filling hamburgers. Originated in Los Angeles, USA, Japan's first landing of a famous brand, which currently has over 200 stores in 20 countries, is decided! "FATBURGER" is an extremely satisfying hamburger that is too big to eat even in its regular size, with delicious and juicy patties and toppings. FATBURGER, a burger store for grown-ups to enjoy at night, offers NIGHT food such as buffalo wings, chips and salsa, and a wide selection of alcohol after 4pm. In the evening, you can enjoy an authentic burger and side dishes that go well with drinks.
2021 March 26 (Fri) reopened as a collaboration cafe!

* Please see below for details on the collaboration cafe.
RANG MANG SHOKUDO is a happy, fun, and healthy restaurant specializing in fried chicken and yakitori. A variety of menu configurations to answer your various needs such as local vegetables and seasonal vegetables. You can choose not only the 'flavor' of karaage but also the sauce! (Mentaiko, tartar sauce .etc) "Uma" meat selected by meat professionals. Several kinds of standard lemon sour are also available for day and night hospitality.
Inside the counter-main store, a popular dumpling specialty store with a stylish and relaxing atmosphere that allows young people and women to stop by. In response to rising needs for home-cooked meals, the take-out and lunch box departments will be fully responsive. Water dumplings are also prepared and considering the baking time, you can enjoy fresh dumplings without waiting for quick delivery.