mag's park
While overlooking the entire scramble intersection which is an iconic spot of Shibuya, it is a great location where you can see the people of the street from the height.
"MAG's PARK" on the roof where you can also enjoy the event and enjoy eating and drinking as ROOF TOP space.
And, the observation deck where you can enjoy the dynamic superb view is "CROSSING VIEW".
mag's park
mag's park
mag's park

Opening hours: 11:00- 23 : 00 * Final entrance 22 : 30
Entrance fee: 300 yen
How to enter: Please purchase an admission ticket from the ticket vending machine installed on the roof.
If it is the same admission ticket, re-entry is possible within 3 hours from the time of the first entry.

mag's park
mag's park

Opening hours: 11:00-23: 00 * Final entrance22: 30
Ticket fee: 1,000 yen
Shooting method: Please purchase the ticket from the vending machine installed on the roof.
For other usage methods, please contact your local staff.

Notes on using CROSSING VIEW

● About admission restrictions
In the following cases, we will apply entrance restrictions.
・ When it affects the human body such as lightning and firewood
・ In case of wind speed 10 m / s and rainy weather
・ When customer's movement lead can not be taken in CROSSING VIEW
・ When limited customers can not enter due to events, etc.

● About admission ticket
・ We do not accept advance purchase on the Internet.
・ If you purchase it, only cash will be handled.
・ If you have foreign currency, please use the 1st floor currency exchange machine.
・ We can not take any responsibility for the loss of the admission ticket.
・ In principle, refunds will only be accepted if there is a business or business interruption due to weather or events.・ Temporary storage such as admission tickets is not accepted.

● Others ・ There is no restroom. Please use the bathroom on the 7th floor.
・ Do not carry in anything with the risk of falling, such as drone.
・ In principle, photography using a tripod or a selfie stick is prohibited. Shooting over the fence is prohibited.
・ In principle, the use of umbrellas is prohibited.
・ In principle, smoking and eating are prohibited in the observation deck.
・ In addition, if there is an act that causes other customers to be a nuisance or a dangerous act, we will leave it.