Yomenya Goemon

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Yomenya Goemon

"Yomen Men's Goemon", a spaghetti plant that eats with chopsticks.
In 1976, it was born in Shibuya as a shop that produces unique pasta that Japanese people feel delicious. In order to feel that the noodles are delicious to the Japanese, the style is to eat with chopsticks, not with a fork. The spaghetti uses a large five-armed cauldron, which can be boiled with plenty of hot water to taste the boiled al dente. And, the dishes that serve spaghetti are Arita yaki made with Goemon and original offerings at the Bon Festival. It is home-made Japanese spaghetti that uses the ingredients of authentic Italian, but is not Italian food, it is Goemon. ◆ All seats smoking cessation ◆
business hours11:00~22:00